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The .460 isnt so great, it has less sectional density than a .45ACP, even though its almost three times faster it wont penetrate much further into tough flesh and bone and the .454 will outpenetrate it for shure!

If you want a flat shooting very accurate .454 that almost matches the .460 than choose the 265 grain @ 1800 fp/s - 1906 ft/lbs, great for deer and plinking and has still a lot more sectional density- penetration.
I was definitely under the impression that the 460 also is able to shoot 454 casull. If the diameter of the bullets is close enough to shoot in the same barrel, how do you explain the big difference in sectional density? The next logical step is to wonder if the same bullets are being used, wouldn't the higher velocity at same weight of .460 exceed .454 performance?

460 S&W MAG 395 HC 1525FPS/2040FTLBS

Sectional density = ~.273

454 CASULL 320 GR. FPPN 1600FPS/1819FTLBS

Sectional density = ~.221

Both corbon hunter loads.
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