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Dont let you fool, just because the case of the cartridges is a bit longer and the guns is extremely big does not mean it kills better!

Just to do some math:
Corbon sells a .454 Cassul 360 @ 1300 which gives you SD of ~.240 and 1300 ft/lbs! That combination of bullet weight and speed killed an elephant and a giraffe! Why do you want more if you can kill the biggest critters on earth with it?

The .460 isnt so great, it has less sectional density than a .45ACP, even though its almost three times faster it wont penetrate much further into tough flesh and bone and the .454 will outpenetrate it for shure!

If you want a flat shooting very accurate .454 that almost matches the .460 than choose the 265 grain @ 1800 fp/s - 1906 ft/lbs, great for deer and plinking and has still a lot more sectional density- penetration.

There is really no need for a bigger gun, and that comes from .500S&W owner (although my girlfriend never complained about the size of my maleness )
It makes for shure lots of fun to launch some 500 grainers @ 1600 out of my 4'' snubbie .500SW, but there is really no need for a gun over .454 if its for plain hunting. What you cant kill with heavy .454 loads you cant kill with a .50BMG either (except light armored vehicles.)

I own a super redhawk too, great gun, recoil is super-easy (it just whips a bit) in fact the most accurate handgun I've ever shot! Take care of it, its a keeper. The big framed S&W revolvers are crazy heavy and no fun to carry in the fields.

Final words: Load your RSRH with 300+ grainers, hit heart/lung/head and go hunt whatever you want and have fun.
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