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Smith and Wesson 460 XVR, THE hunting handgun?

As a proud owner of a Super Redhawk in .454, I hate to say this, but after reading up on the 460 XVR, I'm wondering if this isn't THE definitive hunting handgun. The 460 S&W's numbers just amaze me and this gun appears to be incredibly accurate at even 100yds and farther. It's flat shooting light loads still pack an absolute whallop energy wise as well. I really like the built in compensator that comes factory made as well. This does appear to be quite a heavy gun as well as only 5 shots (but does that matter?) as it's two downsides.

The Super Redhawk is lighter and has 6 shots, but is also in a weaker caliber which the XVR can chamber. The Smith and Wesson 500 has little use on this continent and to be honest seems like an "I've got the biggest [email protected]# gun" to me as it has little applications here really other handguns won't match as all the extra energy isn't needed. The T/C and other single shots IMO are little more than glorified rifles with the stock removed to make the shot more difficult and do not fall in the classic handgun format.

SOOO, is it just me or is this thing pretty much the end all be all in handgun hunting? The more I read about this gun/caliber, the more flattened I am by it (no pun intended ).
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