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First of all I don't believe we should give amnesty to ANYONE who has broken the law. So that should not even be considered in any bill that Congress is considering.

The first thing we should do is seal our borders. Not make a gesture to seal our borders but truly seal off the border with fencing, law enforcement, national guard, guns, dogs, land mines, or whatever it take to SECURE the borders. Just like the Berlin wall but we want to keep people "out" instead of "in."

We then give those who are here illegally a time frame to present themselves to law enforcement. Once they show up, we fine them for being here and make them work a certain period of time for the "State" or "People" to re-pay society for their criminal act of crossing the border. This punishment does not have to be harsh but they must be punished for breaking our laws. Anyone who cannot speak English, has a criminal record, or is a troublemaker is immediately deported, whether they have children here or not - I don't give a ****. All others are given documentation (after their punishment) to stay and work in the US as long as they do not break any further laws. If they break the law then they're gone.

Anyone who does not present themselves to law enforcement during the assigned timeframe and is illegal will be deported without question as they are identifed (through traffic stops or other means). Again, I could care less if they have children and family here. I have no sympathy for criminals, and their families are not my problem.

Now here's the major part of the Jeff Randall Illegal Insurgent Bill: Anyone who is not a full-fledged American citizen cannot receive any social welfare benefit (which includes free emergency medical care) - no exceptions. This would include all documented workers since they are not yet American citizens. If they don't like this, then leave. Go back to the great Mexico that they carry the flag for in the streets of the United States.

The last part of my bill includes provisions to reward the hard working law abiding foreigner who wants to legally migrate to the United States - Those who have stood in line trying to get into this country legally and made every effort to better their lives through legal means, as well as learning the language, will get expeditied service into becoming a citizen of the United States.

I'm working on my anti-Muslim bill also. This one includes funding for concentration camps
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