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Howdy David,

Apologies for my comment about you running the match.

Complaining(whining) is generally frowned upon in CAS circles. I shoot at a match every month that has small targets at pretty good distances. The folks that run this match are quite proud of the fact that no one has ever shot the match clean in the three years or so it has been going on. I go there knowing what to expect. Some shooters avoid it because of the target selection. But,I've never complained to the match director about the targets.

When starting up a new club,however,a match director will probably get some folks who have never shot a CAS match,as well as folks from other clubs. It's best,IMHO,to start out with pretty easy targets,and then mix in a few smaller ones,but the whole match shouldn't be a Bullseye match. And,yes,the targets are the same size for everyone,but the skill of CAS shooters varies widely,perhaps more than any shooting sport. It's not uncommon for new CAS shooters to be new shooters,period. There are also some incredibly good shooters. One of the best ones in the country is from your state. If you're not busy over Memorial Day weekend,the second largest CAS shoot in the world is being held in Gainesville,GA May 25-28. The Shootout at Mule Camp will host over 500 shooters,including many of the best,and we'd like any and all to come share this great event. Marshal Harland Wolf,a member of the Old North State Posse in N.C.,is the two-time defending champ.

Bellicose Bill

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