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I'm a cheap SOB, and I hunted with a Silva compass that's polarity was reversed for years. As long as I knew it was reversed and it was consistent, it made little difference that it was the white end of the pointer showing North instead of the red. It wasn't until I cracked it somehow and the fluid leaked out that I broke down and bought another. I always checked it and every other compass I have owned in the last 40 years before I lose sight of the vehicle. Most times more than once. This tells me I can trust them before I NEED to trust them. I take a bearing on which way I'm headed when I leave and know that I need to be doin' the opposite to get back. The sun and the watch trick was taught to us in the Boy Scouts almost 50 years ago. Unfortunately, it only works when you can see the sun. But then, generally, if you can see the sun, you don't really need a compass, unlike when it's snowing, raining or just plain overcast.
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