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Looking at your scenic view of New Zealand a second time. If caught off guard while in the bush with a broken compass. You could look for a tree and check and see if the moss is growing on its North side? ~~or is it the South Side down there? Now that I think about it. I'm not sure if you folks have a tree?_
One good thing about your conundrum though. New Zealand is indeed a island so you got to come out someplace on it with or without a compass. That's a +1._

Here in MN we have open pit Iron Ore Mining and tailing dumps to deal with that often emit magnetism to where at times the needle on my compass resembles the wife's kitchen blender. Were taught early on to watch where the Sun is located over our shoulders for direction. And walk a straight line. That's Old School teachings.
New way the Military way. Dependance on a compass is assured. If you don't get lost your at least going to be confused. i.e. Calculate distance, bearing between two latitude/longitude points. Topographical maps. Oh that was so much fun.___

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