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I can recall a couple of such adventures.One was somewhere in the vicinity of Pagosa Springs,Colorado.I had stayed on my stand late,was traveling in the dark.Must have been magnetic iron in theground somewhere,my compass was totally confused.So was I.I got into a a bunch of little finger ridges with beaver bogs between them.I found myself on a little patch of ground surrounded by beaver pond and bog,no light,and,elk season in Colorado is never swimming weather.

A buddy helped me out of that one..he knew the country,I did not.(Yeah,I know,I did not do everything right.I did stay dry)

Another one had to do with a nice Hawken rifle I built off the Cherry Corners original blueprints taken from Mariano Medina's rifle.

The Sharon barrel was magnetic.It got tiresome setting that rifle down,walking off a ways,then going back to pick it up,but it sure confused a compass.
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