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Been playing with PointBlank the last day here, and a 165gr .308 sighted in for a "zero" at 200 yards with a 2500fps velocity only drops 4 1/4 inches at 250 yards and 10 1/2 inches at 300. I'll get a laser rangefinder to verify my range guestimate, and put a scope on the M1A. The energy at 200 yards for .308 is almost identical to a 30-30 at the muzzle, and I'm sure I can put down an elk inside of 100-150 yards with a 30-30. As long as I can connect with my target, I have the necessary power to drop an elk out to almost 400 yards with my .308.

A whole lotta worry over nothing, it seems. The gun will do it, I just gotta do my part.

Thanks guys.
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