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I have always used 150's but in a 30-06. I took my uncles advice as he had got his elk 17 years in a row with the same. I figured hands on experience was better than a 1000 magazine articles. So far so good we've not lost one yet with 150's but no matter what you use, bullet placement is key.
I have only recovered one bullet it was a second shot, shot at 150 to 200 or so yards across a river, that bullet Went thru the neck bone at a angle on thru the shoulder blade and came to a stop against the hide on the far side. The first bullet had knocked the animal down and as it rose to it's feet I shot again. It still retained well over half it's weight. cor-locks are not spendy but they work great IMHO.

Dad uses a 308 but all are loaded with the same Remington 150's .
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