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I'm starting to think for the open spaces, I really need to be prepared for a longer shot than 200 yards, and despite my fondness for the accuracy of my .270, I'm contemplating the downrange energy factor and might feel more comfortable with a bigger load.
Last cow elk I took was at 250 yards with a .270 Win using Federal Premium ammunition with 150 grain Nosler Partitions. The way that bullet hit her I wouldn't be afraid to take a big bull with it. She weighed in at a little over 500 pounds field dressed at the processors. After I hit the cow all she did was fall over and slide down the hill side about 10 feet, couldn't ask for any better performance from any cartridge.

According to Federal's ballistics the .270 with 150 grain Partition has only 100 ft-lbs less energy at 300 yards than the 06 with a 180 grain Partition. I would never feel under gunned when carrying my .270 for elk. My suggestion is if you shoot it well stick with it, if you want something different go for it.
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