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Your powder choice “doesn’t really matter.” What other cartridges do you shoot? Seek a powder that serves many needs.

2400 and Unique (see 44Amp, above) are good “general” stout load pistol powders and are better than 231 or bullseye for safety reasons (those powders can be double charged in error) and are “fast”, a slower powder will give better performance.

If you have big bore magnum handguns, like .44 or .45, then the Lil Gun class powders may be slightly better and you can enjoy learning about them in your big boomers, too.

If you don't have a can of 2400 or Unique in the shop, these are classics for a reason. They work a lot better than "good enough" and are broadly used in many loads.

For example, I shoot cast 180 lead from my 30-06 with a little charge of Unique for a plinking load. It smells good, too.
I hunt, shoot bullseye, plink, reload, and tinker with firearms. I have hung out with the Cowboy Action fellas. I have no interest in carrying firearms in urban areas.

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