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Arm teachers who can volunteer for it, who are capable, can pass the needed training by LE, and do not broadcast who they are. They carry fully concealed so that no kids know or even other teachers who are not also armed.

There are a lot of teachers very qualified to carry, many are ex-vets, some are even ex-federal agents or local LE. Federal agents have college degrees, I don't believe it is hard to get a teaching certificate after retirement.

I know at least a half dozen teachers in UT who go to work everyday with a concealed weapon and are doing so legally. No requirement to notify the school district (so long as it is public, does not apply to private schools). Two are ex-marines who served about six years, left the service, went to college and came out as teachers. I know they could easily do the job.

The rest of the ones I know are just very well trained and I would guess to save kids, they would jump in the way of the bullet and fire back.

Just need a UT concealed weapons permit; not hard to obtain.

Banning so-called assault rifles won't stop the problem, a guy with two handguns killed more in Virginia tech years ago.

Raising the age to 21 for so-called assault rifles won't work either. A kid in CT killed his mother, stole her AR and killed quite a few kids.

Unless you can remove every gun in the world a nut will be able to get a gun and kill people and that includes kids.

In 2014 a guy in China killed 33 with a knife. Guess we need to ban knives too.

We have to change a school from a soft target to a hard target. Something to make the killer think twice about entering. Honestly, the term "gun free school zone" should be changed to "gun free shooting zone." Sure looks like that gun free school zone idea really scares away those who want to commit mass murder.

If we do something like this, it will push the nutcase (sorry, I am not politically correct and never will be) to another soft target like the neighborhood mall. I live in ID, I have never seen an armed guard at my bank, or at the mall, and when I lived in the east, before retiring, can't say I ever saw an armed guard at any mall or bank and that includes in the Detroit and Nashville areas. However, never noticed any NO GUN signs either.

Or if all else fails, the will just stand in the middle of an intersection at rush hour and shoot away. But we need to stop these nuts from shooting unprotected kids so easily.
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