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This still does nothing to address the CAUSES; putting bandaids on severed arteries does nothing to stop the bleeding. This was a 100% preventable event. Even the FBI totally dropped the ball on this (was it deliberate or accidental I'll leave to conspiracy theorists). This is an issue with many factors, from mental health to a breakdown of traditional family scenarios to massive drug (legal and illegal), exposure to constant violence and on and on. Couple all of that with an instant world-wide media access and these get overblown instantaneously. Kids were more interested in texting friends and taking videos than getting themselves or their friends to safety......
I agree with the bold 100%, and further school shootings are not the only symptom of how society has changed (for better or worse). I have observed the over-reliance on electronics with my own daughters. At any rate, however, the causes of this is not something that I'm sure can be completely addressed. We say "mental health," but we have had threads here that highlight the arbitrary nature of deeming someone a prohibited person because they aren't mentally fit. Yes, straight up hard-core schizophrenics probably shouldn't own firearms. What about mild depression? PTSD? I also agree 100% that the cause of the FBI dropping the ball on this should be investigated. And that the breakdown of family systems also exacerbates the issue, but honestly how do we fix that? This is a peculiar time that we live in...

At any rate, I digress. I don't understand why allowing able bodied, proficient, and willing teachers to be armed gets such a knee-jerk negative reaction. You could even have said teachers complete the same yearly firearm training as law enforcement for virtually free (Police have to give the class to their officers anyway, it wouldn't be much extra time or expense to allow selected teachers to sit in). This would be so easy to enact, and virtually free.
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