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Sad to think of cops patrolling our school halls and locked school door's but, I suspect that is the way it will in time go. If we are going to add that then why not bullet proof glass in the doors? Probably wouldn't hurt in the class room either. How about auto locking classroom doors? Truth is that getting a school shot up is a bad thing but let's look at averages, everyone seem's to like them. With all the kids in the country and their school's this is a rare occurrence. What need s to be done I think is a mandatory death sentence for anyone even attempting it! Sure are there are those that will do it anyway, heck, if they can't do it one way they will do it another. They all must know that killing someone like that in a lot of state's get's you the death penalty, they don't seem to care.

A lot of them should probably be locked up before they commit the crime but in this country we don't have sanitarium's any more! We somehow violate crazy people's right using them! You cannot repair the insane and tings like these school shooting's and simply shooting into crowds are the area of the insane individual. They should be put away for their own good! But forbid we do that! Evil exist's in this world, always has and always will. Shoot up a school and the evil one get's lot's of press; well goody he got what he wanted, noticed!And it causes a great sensation just as this and every other one has, since we got this instant new's all over the country! The thing that perhaps the criminal want's more than anything is noticed. Well shoot up a school. Your name will be known by everyone in the country soon as the new's can find it out!

Probably with all the problem's we have in this society, the worst thing about it is the news want's a story that will sell right away, regardless of fact's, minor detail. O.J. Simpson was found guilty and convicted by the news before a jury was even picked! We the people really don't need the story as it breaks. The new's is to me the biggest detriment to a civil society for no other reason than than they are willing to sensationalize what is happening!

If I was a crazy wanting everyone to know how I was it's easy. Shoot a bunch of kids, doesn't even need to be in a school but, all lack of protection in school's makes them an easy target!
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