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Originally Posted by JW062
Then WHY do we do this with our most valuable asset, our children?
Because pretty much no one actually thinks children are the most valuable asset, as cute as it is to say that. If they were children under 18 would have universal healthcare, guarantee of a decent education, etc. Does anyone in this thread really think a 12 year old should be punished b/c their parents didn't provide insurance OR were too lazy to go through whatever necessary paperwork to get the children subsidized insurance from the government? Yes, there are programs that are pretty much free, but the parents have to take an afternoon to fill out the paperwork and quite a few don't bother.
I would resist the notion that people aren't considered valuable unless we fully socialize the costs of parenting.

Originally Posted by Lohmann446
I assume the children of various Presidents have not been home schooled. I would also assume we have "assured" their safety.
I have a sense that some of us are over-shooting (no pun) the goal of reasonable school safety. Before we give every child a multiman secret service detail to get him from his medicaid appointment and to his college prep courses, why not try the easy things?

It probably doesn't require extensive training in being a human shield for a president, or even police academy training to recognize a shooter in a school as a problem. Could the janitor carry his bag of sawdust and his own concealed carry pistol? Could we stick a gun lock on a carbine and issue a few keys to willing teachers?

If a speed bump will do, why build Hadrian's wall?
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