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Then WHY do we do this with our most valuable asset, our children?
Because pretty much no one actually thinks children are the most valuable asset, as cute as it is to say that. If they were children under 18 would have universal healthcare, guarantee of a decent education, etc. Does anyone in this thread really think a 12 year old should be punished b/c their parents didn't provide insurance OR were too lazy to go through whatever necessary paperwork to get the children subsidized insurance from the government? Yes, there are programs that are pretty much free, but the parents have to take an afternoon to fill out the paperwork and quite a few don't bother.

YOUR children may be YOUR most valued asset, but the countries children CLEARLY are not the countries most valuable asset, and not all parents value their children.

With 3,000 people in a school and something like 16 officers per 10,000 individuals per capita... ...shouldn't there have been about 4 or 5 dedicated officers to that school in Florida?
You have to remember those officers cover all shifts. A 24 hour week constitutes about 4 shifts, so there really should be about one at any given time. Despite this instances, schools are not high crime dangerous places. A large nursing home may have several thousand residents and visitors on campus 24 hours a day, but they are not going to station an officer there.

At the end of the day I don't think police in Schools will ever happen at the necessary scale. The cost of police in my area is too high. $30+ an hour plus really expensive benefits. Total compensation cost in the range of $50+ an hour.
Armed guards in my area receive around $20 an hour with almost no benefits and most are more or less brawlers. The armed guards who work in gang infested low income housing developments or the waffle house next to a strip club wouldn't do well in a school setting.

As far as police substations, I don't know if I have ever resided in a municipality that had more than one station. The cities all do, but many of the suburbs just have one station.
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