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Not really sure but I would imagine that this is a grey area and it would depend on the local agents.
Technically, owning the blueprints and parts kit is legal. Having a tube of the correct physical properties and the parts kit could possibly be an infraction of possession of an unregistered machinegun. With access to machine equipment and the parts kit an overzealous agent could make trouble for you and make it expensive to extricate yourself from legal proceedings.
This is rather more common problem than thought. Many people buy AR15 replacement parts and many of the replacement parts sold are actually M16 surplus parts. Thus if your hammer breaks and you go to a show and buy a replacement surplus hammer, you may have inadvertently "made" a machinegun, in the eyes of the BATF, if the hammer was actually an M16 hammer. The firearm will not operate in a full auto mode but simply having the FA hammer and a semi-auto AR puts one in technical violation of the law. The hammer doesn't even have to be installed in the firearm, it only has to be in the same domicile IIRC.
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