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Armi Sport Spencer Carbine in .45 long colt

Hurray! Just a good gunsmith and it now even cycles Black Hills! You don't even have to act like your trying to rip the lever off either!

It was just as simple as sharpening the 'hook' of the ejector and putting a little better spring under it! Now it cycles easily every time and you don't even have to worry. Beautiful Carbine too! Accurate, and I even had the trigger polished so it's not as hard and 10 lbs as before. It's so nice to shoot cheap ammo through it too. Heck, I don't want to really kill any animal but if I could be asked to shoot a couple of wild hogs I'd be willing!

Too bad America doesn't have Zombies... it would be so nice to take out our frustrations on Zombies so you wouldn't feel guilty eh?

Anyway, a real +++++ for the Armi Sport Spencer in .45 Long colt! just a few simple things that you'd probably have done anyway and what a neat carbine!

Thanks everyone, and it's just a few simple things. Joe was already going to have Chiappa send me a return postage but I just called him and gave him the news! Legendary Guns had a great deal on it too! Now I'll take my original to my gunsmith and have the centerfire block put on with the recessed magazine follower too. Can't wait!

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