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Defense Against 2BG w/OC & Knife?

I was just reading in the paper about 2 BGs who approached 2 guys in a car - one sprayed the drivers side with OC and the other had a knife on the passenger side. Event was disrupted by people exiting the Stop & Rob, so there is no exciting conclusion to review.

I'll make up a scenario where 2 guys approach within 7yd, one pulls out an OC and the other a knife and the OC guy sprays toward you but you duck the stream/fog as he isn't too good at it. While a less-than-lethal threat, you know the OC can incapacitate you and block your defense against the knife. You consider running, but quickly assess your escape options are few with a knife within 7yd. While cursing at you, they have not said they just want your money so you don't know their stated intent - you only know they have confronted you with a lethal weapon within killing range and attempted to subdue you with OC.

You draw your CCW pistol and ...?

(I'm looking for critical commentary beyond "Shoot both MFs", although you might do so, depending on how you think it's tactically, ethically and legally defensable to respond)

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