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I'm not sticking up for Hawg . . . he certainly is very capable of sticking up for himself and I'm sure he has access to round lead balls . .

I'm guessing that the party that made these items and sent them all that distance did it out of friendship . . . .

If you've been on here any time at all . . . you know that Hawg is a "regular" and a person who is always there to help with advice when a person needs it . . . and he has the experience to back up his advice. In some manner, I have a feeling that Hawg touched the life of the person who made these things and sent them to him . . . and I'm sure that he cherishes them . . . I know I would.

No . . . to most folks it probably doesn't make sense for someone to send something heavy like lead balls halfway around the world . . . but I "get it". To you, they may be lead balls that any of you could easily come by . . . to the person that sent them . . well . . . they're a "token of friendship" just like the funnel and the cap box . . . which by the way are really neat.

Many years ago, my Dad got a message from the fellow in charge of the train depot that was across from my Dad's lumberyard that he had a delivery. When my Dad went to see what it was, he was surprised to find that it was a horse drawn "marsh plow". An old friend of his, who once had a farm in the area where we lived, had sold out and bought a farm in Illinois years before. He and my Dad always maintained their friendship and when the fellow got to the age of where he had to sell the farm, he wanted my Dad to have that marsh plow. It wasn't cheap for him to send it but it was a way for him to let my Dad know what his friendsip through the years meant to him. Now we had no use for the marsh plow on the farm as our wetlands were just to wet to turn over and plant. But Dad kept that plow and he put it in one of the outbuildings at the lumberyard. Everytime I was in that building with my Dad, he'd look at that plow and tell me about his friend, who I had never met, but that I could tell was an important friend in my Dad's life. That plow was still in that building when my Dad passed and we never got rid of it. My brother took it when we sold the lumberyard and still has it.

Sometimes things might not make sense to others . . but to those people involved, they make plenty of sense. Thanks for sharing them with us Hawg . . I'm sure that the person who sent them to you will be tickled to death to know that you shot the balls he sent you . . . enjoy that funnel and cap box . . . they are mighty handsome and I'ms sure that each time you look at 'em and use 'em, your thoughts will be of the person who made them for you.
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