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1. Train the dog to sit until commanded to fetch. He’s a Labrador and gets so excited to bring back a bird that once he’s flushed one, he’s off like a big rocket chasing. He’ll chase the one in the air if he didn’t see the one that went down.

This is somewhat hilarious as we flushed a turkey last season. Suddenly a “pheasant” the size of a B-52 explodes out of the marsh grass. Off the dog went.. after a couple hundred yards of rocket dog fun run he came back with the waggliest tail to tell me about the forty pound pheasant he found for us. That was fun.

Flushing 3 birds I brought one down. He chased the remaining two. I went to get the bird and while calling him back, it turned out the bird was only stunned and ran off. Dog was too excited about the birds in the air to get the one that fell and we spent hours trying to find the crippled bird in vain. I really hate that. Next time I won’t be shy about swatting a crippled bird on the ground. Dog just turned two at the end of the season, he’s settling down and takes well to training. We’ll get there.

2. Get out at least 3 times a week. I always feel better after a few hours in the outdoors.

3. I might have some work done on my Ithaca Model 37... reduce LOP by less than an eighth of an inch, maybe have the bore opened to Imp Mod and maybe have a nice recoil pad installed. It’s either that or have the buttstock thinned and refinished a little to fit the original butt plate from 1945. I really like that old shotgun- it’s smooth as butter and is beat up enough that I take it out in drizzle and snow and use it to keep blackberry vines from tearing at me at the expense of maybe scratching the wood.

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