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Yes the pocket Remington is worth it. One noobs POV

Pros: small. beautifully made.
Cons: small, Beautufully made.
Okay, at the risk of bieng waterboarded all of my guns look well loved. All of my Piettas came with blemishes EXCEPT this one, It was so pretty I didn't want to carry it for a kit gun.
This is where this gun shines. Basically a .22 short or long rifle in a snubby power wise depending on load. Horrible sights, meant to be pointed. Install a higher one or be good at hold over?
Kit guns got popular when people walked everywhere in the early 20th century. Small caliber, often .22 rimfire they were the Colt Pocket Pistol of the 20th century.
Many problems were resolved on the road with less than 6ft lbs of muzzle energy.
This one will group as well as you do at 30' offhand, With a taller front sight you can have a normal sight picture kinda sorta. As is you have to really hold low, and do that well to hit by aiming. Points well enough at contact ranges.
Another drawback is leather. My sweat normally doesn't bother blueing if I clean pocket guns every day. This one has a spot on the barrel from a long hot humid day. Oh well.
Holsters for these can be expensive, I modified a Jay-Pee J frame holster and cut down a calvary hoslter from Dixie a pit bull puppy had ruined. I couldn't really find anything 'off the rack' and El Paso Saddlery ain't cheap for custom work. The JayPee will now fit on a Sam Brown belt.

As a 'companion arm' for your 1858 or other belt pistol? Sure why not? I carry it sometimes in case of a need for a 'finishing shot' or other lower power requirement shooting task than my full power ball or conical load.
I mean that's a bit over the top but who are we?
Maybe there are some I missed?

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