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There was an anti-fortunetelling law in Connecticut a number of years ago. I was there at the time, married to wife v.2. A couple of nice young ladies who ran a new age book store wanted to put on a psychic fair, and the cops in their town told them if they did so they would be arrested under this law.

They cancelled the fair, but the started a movement to repeal the law. It turned out that the law had been on the books for over eighty years. In that time, there had been ONE prosecution under that law. That was only a year or two prior to the ill-fated psychic fair, and that case was throown out of court when the defense showed the judge that neither the police nor the prosecution even understood what the law said. A year after the psychic fair incident the law was quietly repealed.

My great-grandfather was a professor of law. I was brought up with the understanding that laws which are enforced sporadically and/or capriciously are worse than no laws at all, because selective prosecution results in universal disrespect for the rule of law.
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