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I should also like to point out that there were absolutely NO "teak wood" stocks ever produced for these rifles....certainly NOT by the Yugoslavs. That is a total MYTH, largely promulgated by a certain seller of these rifles.....with the initials "MM". I have no idea why they chose to do this, but I assure you, it is/was BOGUS.

The predominate wood used for stocks by the Yugoslavs, before WW2, was Walnut. However, walnut in was in short supply after the war (the war absorbed a huge amount of the available wood) other woods were adopted more and more. During the 24/47 re-work program, serviceable M1924 stocks were reused. While walnut was still available, the first runs of M48 rifles were stocked with that. After this, Carpathian ELM became the predominate wood used, with Beech used as well (but much less common than Elm).

The stocks mistaken for "Teak" are almost always actually ELM.

The others (who've already said this) are right. NO M1924, 24/47 or M48 series rifles were ever produced with barrels having other than the .311 / .323 bore (7.92 x 57 IS) .......NO .318 barrels were made/ used by the Yugoslavs. IF the rifle in question does actually have a .318 bore, then the barrel is NOT original to the rifle, period. In all probability, the barrel is actually a .323 one.

As for reloading data for a .318 barrel, the same DATA can be used as for the 7.92 x 57 IS cartridge.....but NOT the same BULLETS. .318 bullets can be obtained, but they are very much less common (than .323). In any case, if the rifle has a .318 barrel on it, great care should be taken with loads, because the age and condition of the barrel might be suspect. Some .318 barrels (though they are rare in the US) have been inadvertently abused by firing .323 bullets through them. So, I'd HIGHLY recommend having the barrel inspected by a good gunsmith BEFORE shooting the rifle. So, of course ONLY .318 bullets should be used......and IS data, but starting at the BOTTOM end of the loading range (or even lighter) for whatever bullet weight chosen.

That assumes that he actually has a .318 barrel.....which is probably not the case.

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