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Called Bushmaster to get the shipping label sent snail-mail----they could send it to my printer, but I beat that thing to death one day last month. I was on hold for less than four minutes, by the way.
Label took about six days via USPS, so be nice to your printer.

Sent my ACR in on 4 November, at Bushmaster 9 November, back at my house today, 17 November. Nebraska>Maine>Nebraska---not bad.
Two new-in-the-wrapper P-Mags in the case, along with a copy of the letter from the Bushmaster VP saying "Sorry for the recall, safety first and here's a couple of Magpul 30s for your trouble."----very nice.

I can confirm it's a Titanium firing pin and stiffer f.p. spring at the heart of this recall. When I popped the retaining pin out of the BCG, the firing pin flew across the room---never did that before.

All in all, a painless procedure.
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