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This case is getting a little more "interesting". The family's attorney claims the video filmed by the news crew show that the police threw a flashbang and then fired a single round into the house. Their attorney claims that the video shows that no altercation happened at all.

To answer some of Booker's questions (and all of this is preliminary and subject to investigation)

Use of a flash-bang: Some people are saying that flashbangs are not normally used when a child is likely to be present. The police could have been unaware of the possibility of the child being present or they could have deemed the situation still dangerous enough to use a flashbang. There is also a story being pushed by the parents that the flashbang burned their daughter when it went off. I've heard nothing further than that.

Method of Entry: The officers announced that they were police and then threw a flashbang. That much is agreed on by both sides. What happened next is not agreed on.

Officer's drawn firearm: It would be my understanding that during a raid like this the weapon is drawn and at the ready (not sure of safety condition). So the officer's weapon would have already been drawn (I'm assuming, this one could definitely change based on the investigation). According to the police report the woman stood in their way during entry and was physically uncooperative and engaged the officer. According to the report it was during this struggle that the firearm went off. Remember, the attorney for the parents claims that no struggle happened.

Response to girl's wound: According to the police report the response was immediate. She was "immediately" taken to the hospital.

Apprehending of suspect: The raided home was a duplex with and upper and lower level. The girl and her parents lived in the lower level and more relatives (aunt, etc) of the girl lived in the upper level. The criminal was in the upper level of the duplex and was apprehended. There were warrants for both levels.
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