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Living near Detroit this is big news cuz of well... it's Detroit (I also would like to point out that when a 7 year old girl is killed by police, everyone in the community is up in arms about it but when a young girl or boy is killed by a gang member it's just another tragedy). The news is reporting more of the first story - that once inside the officers were confronted by a physically uncooperative women and that one shot was fired. The police report and an independent witness both confirm that the police announced their presence and ID'd themselves as police prior to entering. The victim's parents aren't really giving a story other than "they shot my daughter". They also said the police had the wrong house, which is interesting being that the suspect they were after was apprehended in that house.

The killing of the girl is a horrible tragedy and my thoughts and sympathy go out to the family.

To stay on topic: A few lessons:

1. When faced with a police raid cooperate fully and immediately.

2. Know your target and what is behind it (4th law).

3. In the heat of a conflict, be vary aware of the condition, direction, and position of your firearm. Protect it, a struggle over the firearm can lead and an accidental discharge.

Point 2 is obvious, and I say that because we don't know if the shot was fired intentionally or not. Point 3 is something I think we wouldn't think about, and I again say it because we don't know if the shot was fired intentionally or not.
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