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I'm a lefty with a right-dominate eye. I didn't even really know about eye dominance until long after I had already learned to shoot left handed; I thought everyone had to close one of their eyes when they were aiming. Luckily, I never shot pistols very much before I learned about it, so I never developed a side preference with them, and I can effectively shoot them right handed (or left, if I feel like it).

I have found that I can "force" a temporary change in eye dominance. Unfortunately it isn't all that easy and I quickly lose control over it.

So, you think a left-handed shooter can run the bolt on a right-hand action off his left shoulder?
Yes. Not as fast, but yes.
That depends. as I said I'm a lefty, and I've been making do with right handed rifles for most of my life. If the rifle is on a rest or is balanced right, I can shoot a bolt action VERY quickly by using my left to pull the trigger and use my right just to work the bolt. Offhand this isn't very accurate past 50 yards or so as my left arm and hand are both supporting the gun and pulling the trigger, but with a rest I can fire accurately as fast as I can acquire the target after recoil. If I were to do a speed run and just dump rounds down range without aiming much, I could probably get off 1-2 shots per second pretty easy, depending on the gun (the shorter the action, the quicker the shots). I've been told that it sounds like I'm shooting a semi-auto when I do it.

Firing regularly and using my right hand to both cycle the bolt and support the gun is a bit slower, because I have to do a bit more work to reacquire the target every time I do it and my hand has to travel further. With practice, though, I'm not terribly slower than the average right-handed person.

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