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Originally Posted by 44AMP
The main reason its not a priority is because, in the view of the Republican party, it doesn't NEED to be. They have a historical pattern of this. Pro-gun voters are, for them, essentially a captive audience.

After all, where else are we going to go??? No one who values their guns and gun rights will vote for the Democrats, who have openly put gun control in their official party platform.

SO, what are our choices??? Vote "R" or stay home.
Does that measure work for other issues?

Reduced marginal income tax rates is an issue the repubs own in much the same way dems own feminism. If repubs don't reduce rates to your liking, what are you going to do? Vote democrat? Yet Glenn identifies this as a repub priority, and I think he is correct on that.

We see only intermittent legislation reducing marginal IT rates. Is this because repubs know they have a lock on voters who want lower rates? Or is it because all legislators work within a system that requires majorities not just of one's own party, but majorities on a specific measure?

Our system is designed in a way that makes legislation difficult to pass into law. It's possible that a bill you and I love doesn't get through because others love the bill less and our system makes passage difficult. It might not be that faithless legislators are just toying with us.
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