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Zukiphile - we will just have to disagree on the use of social issues as political voter attractors and cynical usage of such.

When proactive gun legislation gets through the Congress and signed with the same zeal as tax cuts, I'll rethink.
Glenn, you are plainly free to disagree. If you choose to examine why you endorse the Frank thesis prior to the next gun bill, you might wonder whether the standards involved are susceptible to general application.

If poor people can't knowledgeably vote against redistributionist tax policies and in favor of legal and social conventions they favor, because you think those policies aren't in their interests, can well off people knowledgeably vote in favor of redistributionist tax policies because they favor social and legal innovations you prefer?

Or do people have values that extend beyond their wallets?

Nearly everyone pays taxes to the federal government. It has been the central issue in national elections for more than a half century. That 2d Am. rights are not treated as a fulcrum upon which our national politics pivot may not be a sound foundation for a conclusion that the positions aren't genuinely held.

I don't think we have an obligation to agree with with everyone, but it is remarkable to me how often people will state what they think if given the opportunity.
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