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I'm not sure I understand your question fully. If I understand correctly, you are asking "Why would you ever carry a gun concealed and unchambered?"

Well, I will post my response to this question from another thread:

I carry it unchambered in the office because it is an office. I go into meetings, sit at a table, people sit down across from me and next to me, I sit in other people's cubicles and with my gun in my pocket, it is pointed at whatever my leg is. I don't find it comforting to be sweeping the barrel of a loaded handgun at everyone who gets in front of me when I am sitting down.

If I worked at a place where I was alone or where I stood up all day, then it wouldn't concern me. But, in my mind, it isn't any different than holding it in my hand & pointing it at someone with my finger off the just don't do it. Reliability is not a concern, responsible firearm safety is.
I would accept not carrying it at all in my office, but I find it a bit safer for it to be in my posession than leaving it in my car, desk or coat for someone to steal or to have someone who doesn't know how to use it get ahold of it.
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