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Golcher, as said previously was a name associated with a Pennsylvania family of locksmiths from the mid 18th to mid 19th century. Now, I'm sure there were exceptions but their product was mainly a very ordinary affair used on common firearms such as would be purchased by folks at general stores and such. Your description fits what they called a fowling piece. Probably smooth bore and around 12ga. with hunting dogs engraved on it. Most were flinters with some being converted after percussion caps came into use. A converted piece is usually not as prized as an original. The wood used was not the best quality. These pieces were clearly intended to satisfy the family farm market. I haven't seen any listed as worth more than a few hundred dollars. I'd call it a wallhanger. I would not suggest that it be fired under any circumstances. Sometimes these old things are still loaded and old loads have been known to still ignite after a very long time. Make sure that the bottom of the bore is clear.
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