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Most gunmakers bought their locks instead of building their own. It was a matter of economy, among other things. The markings on the lock only indicate who made the lock, usually not the whole firearm. That said...
"The Golchers were a family of gunlock makers in the early nineteenth century. There were at least five members of this family. One of them, Joseph, eventually emigrated to California and opened a shop there.
At least two of the Golcher family, James and John, were riflesmiths, but their names and those of others of the same family are found on a great number of locks of old rifles known to be the work of many makers. This may account for the numerous so-called Golcher rifles. James Golcher branded his name on both his barrels and locks. The author has knowledge of only one of his guns. John Golcher doubtless made many rifles, but there is no credible evidence that others of that family were extensive makers."
The above information is from The Kentucky Rifle by Captain John G. W. Dillin
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