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I have Marlins, Winchesters and Henry's and have never found the micro-groove rifling to be any more accurate than the others. The main advantage of the 39A is the longer sight radius. I have an older 39A with Ballard rifling and two short 39's (a Mountie and a 39D) and it will easily outshoot the Mountie that has a microgroove barrel. I haven't really had a chance to try out the 39D, but it has a microgroove barrel too. The Winchesters and Henry's shoot just as well as or better than the Marlins. As was stated above, with 22's it's all about finding the brand of ammo they like. it can make a world of difference. Another thing about 22's is that they are all individuals and will not necessarily shoot alike simply because they're the same make and model.
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