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geetarman, I just buy bulk 22 ammo and shoot it. I imagine if I bought a few types of 22 ammo I'd find one that the 9422 loved and shot really great. I like both rifles and both are quite accurate. I head shoot squirrels out of my bird feeders with the 9422, and I haven't hit the feeder yet. The 39A is heavier, and sometimes I just would rather have the lighter 9422. I'm just happy to have both (I bought the 9422 a couple of years ago from a gunsmith for $80, can ya believe it?). I saw a new one in a gun shop the other day, and I swear they were asking $800 for it. That can't be the new in the box price these days, can it?

As for scopes, I had 4 power Weavers on both until I was able to get the two Leupold 2-7's. I like the variables, but wouldn't mind something new and shiny. The bad news about Leupold scopes like the ones I have on the lever guns is that you can't say that "it broke, so I'll have to buy a new one". Heck, they'll just fix it and send it back to ya. If a fella has a Leupold, I guess he'd have to sell it to get rid of it. That's good and that's bad.

I wish you'd have given me the skunk advice a couple of years ago. I shot one 40 yards west of the house, and I blasted him with the 223. He let go a huge cloud of spray into a slow breeze out of the WEST. I heard about that from the wife for months.
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