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My 22 lever guns - accuracy

I finished all my centerfire reloading and shooting and put all the stuff away. Then I got bored, so I decided to sight in both my lever guns (39A and 9422) at 50 yards. I had them sighted in at about 30 yards, but decided 50 yards would be better. Scopes on both are old Leupold 2-7, but both work fine. Both rifles shot real well, though I was more into sighting them in than measuring groups. I think the 39A will shoot 1 inch or less at 50 yards, but I don't think the 9422 will. The diff might be the triggers, since the 9422 trigger isn't as crisp, or it could be an ammo preference. Anyway, they both are fine rifles, and the skunk I missed last night had better be reallllly careful tonight.
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