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Originally Posted by ghbucky View Post
I don't cast bullets, so I'm fairly ignorant of the process, but I do purchase coated lead bullets.

Even with powder coated, I've found that I was still getting leading in my barrels. Once I started rejecting coated bullets with exposed lead, that problem cleared up.

I know you need to swage the bullets after coating, and I guess the swaging is removing the coating?

Is there anything that can be done after the fact to deal with that exposed lead? I hate just tossing bullets.
What is happeing to the bullets is that the moulds that are producing the bullets do not have tight fitting sprue plates resulting in the bullets coming out with "flash" (excess lead at the base of the bullet where the blocks mate with the sprue plate) on them. Instead of removing the flash, or elsewise dealing with the moulds producing such, the bullet caster is just coating them with a powder coat spray gun, then when heat cured, is sizing them base first in a sizing die. The the flash on the base edge is then bent forward onto the driving band resulting in the issue as can be seen in your photo.

I would suggest getting your bullets from someone else who takes more pride in this workmanship (or uses a different mould).
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