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Gotta correct a 500 comment.

The 500A1 comes with a thicker barrel than the 500....but you know what? The Maverick 88 comes with a thicker barrel than the 500.

So. What barrel do you think the Maverick 88 has?

It's marketing. The 88/500/500a/500a1 barrels are interchangeable. Technically, if you put a cheap 88 barrel on a 500, the barrel is the same as the 500a1 (minus the 20" length, yes, but you can cut).

More strange, the 88 combo comes with a 18.5" and 28" VR for 20 dollars more than a single barrel 88--both thicker barrels then the 500. If you were to buy a 88 combo and 500, swap some barrels, and resell the 88 you could have the 500A...

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