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Originally Posted by MikeGoob View Post
I've probably only shot 300 or so through this gun. I have switched the frame back and forth from the XL version, so I can do that again and take pics. I'm most hesitant about taking apart the slide.. --PS--regarding the ballistol milk... is adding water necessary? I can just shoot ballistol through it..?
Tunnel Rat provide a good video on how to take down the receiver. Much easier than you may think.(If I can do it anyone can). You need to learn to do this sooner or later. Might as well start now.
Yes, for these small parts Ballistol Mixture with the water is important. It is very thin. You do not want thick oil on the small parts. Again it will dry and leave a very thin coat.
Take your time taking the reciever apart and be careful To not loose the small springs. I buy extra for all my guns just in case. Have fun doing this. You learn a lot along the way.
Congrats! on your new gun by the way. 300 rds is just getting it broken in. You should have a life time of good shooting.
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