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hi im new here thought it a good spot to start, I have a LC9 and love it. the first time I shot it I had a case blow out and the extractor went flying. was at an indoor range and the extractor flew out sideways. so right there I have my doubts if someone claimed they were hit in the head with it. It was a defective reload. blew a BB size hole just above the rim and was fully in battery when it went off. I found all the parts on the floor below me and a little later had it all back together and running fine. ive got another 200 rounds threw it now "no reloads" and its been 100%. the extractor is held in place by the plunger which acts like a pivot. Its point is a wedge shape slightly off center and obviously is supposed to fit in one way. I could see where having this pivot reversed could cause a problem. at least in my reassembly and based on what I observed . it would seem to be pretty beefy with quite a bit of width where it contacts the case rim. but the design is not pinned in place and some kind of blow out due to a cracked case or some other circumstance where gasses could blow back past the case into the breach area could indeed like in my case blow that sucker out of there. I sincerely doubt if it would hit the shooter unless it bounced off something or your shooting gansta style "in which case you need to back off the TV police dramas"
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