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Something's fishy with this thread.

A gun dealer friend of mine had numerous negative reviews of his shop posted and was convinced they were bogus so he took action and filed a suit in order to have the records of who was posting the negative comments.

Sure enough, it turned out that they were all posted by a nearby competitor.

It's sad to think that America would become like that, but unfortunately, things like this do occur.

That said, if this is an issue with LC9's, Ruger must address this and correct the problem.
Often times, sub components are contracted out to various companies in various parts of the world. If all these accounts are true, then I'm sure Ruger is correcting or has already corrected the problem.

I would bet a dollar to a donut, the bulk of these complaints fall within a limited serial number range...assuming they are all legitimate complaints. Like all gun manufacturers, first gen weapons often have issues that need to be worked out.

The LC9 is a VERY popular selling handgun. So, not only are there already a large number of them out there, but as much as I dislike thinking it, some companies will stoop to any low to hurt their competition.

Should my LC9 ever do this, I will be the first to post about it. I've only fired 100 rounds so far, but so far so good.
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