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I took a doe on the PM of day two, AL archery. And I've missed another.

I was walking out on the AM of day one, paralleling an old barbed wire fence.
Hot, disapppointed, I'd not seen anything, was clumsy and noisy in the woods, struggled to climb the ttree.... I'd been waiting months to hunt and did not pull of the first AM well at all.

Noticed that the fence wire was wiggling. Stopped and looked....when I did some deer broke in the heavy cover adjacent. Well, what we have here folks is obviously a fence crossing. Duh. The deer had just juumped the fence on their way back into bedding cover.

The spot has an open hardwood finger adjacent a very dense pine plantation. The fence separates the two. I picked a tree for a southwind PM hunt and moved on. The next afternoon the wind swung around out of the south.

I was in that tree in good time. Right at dark, a lone doe tiptoed through the thick stuff, and hopped the fence in the exact spot from the AM before. Came in very close. I whistled her to a stop and shot at 8 paces. Deer went about 45 yds and I heard her crash.

Came back home and got bamaboy and a teenage buddy, and the Lab, who I'm trying to train to blood trail. 'Cept, there wasn't hardly any blood to this trail. But I'd heard her go down, and she was right there as expected. At least the dog got on a carcass, his first.

Hand the boys the rope, ........truck's that way fella's.
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