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well my income is about 0$ per hour (14-freshman)lol-well i would be loading for it like in my spare time.... and i would probably get the lee equip. the range time doenst reall ymatter-i was there.. they were all in the trashcan in bags.. put 2 bags of them and 1 box of them into a bigger bag-voila -I really have alot of freetime and if i do it to save some money and rather than being bored and on the computer-i'll do it -i think i might reload if i can get the money around for the supplies.. then i would have plenty of shells-i know a reloader-a highway patrolman who i'm going coyote hunting also with-and i dont know if he reloads for shotgun but i am also going to be shooting for shooting sports-and the extra fine tuning of my loads for clay would be nice-we shoot i think 20 or 25 a match-i think it would be a leg up in the first place
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