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Some of the "hangfires" reported in this kind of drill may have been caused by the user covering the top of the slide when racking it back
That's not a hang fire. That's the primer hitting the ejector and detonating the round. It happens when one tries to retract the slide and the primer hits the ejector.

When retracting the slide, if you miss the slide stop, the slide will start forward again when you release it. After missing, the operator slams the slide back again to catch it with the slide stop. That little hitch caused the round to shift in the extractor and change position enough so the primer can now hit the ejector. Bang.

If you're inclined to catch the round in your hand, then go slow and make sure you lock the slide back the first time. As stated, it's the slide going forward and then being jerked back again that's the problem.

Though it's not recommened, most of us have been know to do it "now and then". Jeff Cooper used to do it. Clint Smith knows of 5 different detonations doing it in that manner.

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