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I'd like to add a bit.

Without question, ejecting a round that may be in the process of a hangfire generates a hazard. The round going off in the chamber - after it is expected - will simply fire. Unless the shooter has moved the muzzle to an unsafe direction (don't look down the bore, PLEASE) it will simply go downrange. This may be dangerous depending on location; consider bystanders or inhabited buildings or such.

If the round is out of the gun and fires, the danger is minimal. There is some level of hazard from the case or even the primer, but usually it must hit an eye to be seriously dangerous. Shadowviper has a scar on his arm; painful no doubt and one seeks to avoid such, but was that injury serious enough to ignore the threat from an armed antagonist? I suggest Shadowviper will agree the assailant is more of a danger. Shadowviper is free to disagree if he so desires.

The greatest danger is if the round fires halfway out of the chamber. There is enough confinement to generate higher pressures and to evolve high temperature gases. IF one decides to remove the failed round, DO SO QUICKLY! Get it out of the gun and on the ground, right now!

As mentioned, range practice and actual combat are two different situations. On the range, or in private area practice, one must be mindful of safety considerations. In a firefight - in one's bedroom or on the street - one must pay attention to the primary threat.
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