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If you start that exercise because a squib load just stuck a bullet in your barrel you will wind up shoving another round behind it (possibly jamming the bullet way back into the case) and then detonating your pistol
Dang, why didn't I think of that in my post?

Remember that rifle and pistol cases are different. A 30-06 case weights 192 grains. A typical bullet (in a deer camp) would weight from 150 to 180. I knew a fellow who though it was funny to drop a .270 round into the campfire when no one suspected, and await the reaction to the POOF, that soon followed. Fortunately, no one was ever hit by the bullet or case--either of which was capable of producing a welt or damaging an eye.

For any bullet to remain stationary while the case is propelled with force defies the laws of physics whether it's pistol or rifle.

Pistol cases weigh a lot less, and are the subject here. A case might weight 80 grains (45ACP), and the bullet 230, but both are set in motion propelled by an equal force, putting both in motion with the lighter case travelling faster.

As far as damage with pistol detonation, it certainly can occur. It's happened to people who have had a detonation while removing the chambered round by ejecting it into thier hand. Clint Smith mentioned that he knew of 5 such incidents that produced painful results (from the burning powder). The TRB drill with a live round wouldn't likely produce any injuries if a hangfire detonated, since the hand wouldn't be over the ejection port. The flying case? Don't know.
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