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This .454 Casull ain't shaking apart

So I recently bought a Ruger Super Blackhawk .454 Casull from an individual and I asked him if he had ever changed any springs out and if he had ever had any problems with screws coming loose. He informed me that it was all stock and he had never had any screws work loose. I wasn't pleased with the trigger so I changed out the trigger spring, but still didn't like the way it felt, so I dropped it off with my gunsmith in order to have him smooth it up. He called me a couple of days later ready to chew me out for using red loctite on all the screws. I laughed and told him the only screws I touched was the ejector housing screw, the base pin screw and the wood grip screw, and I certainly used no loctite on that. But, apparently somebody in the gun's past used red loctite on all the grip frame screws.....Surely Ruger didn't do that.

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