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I’ve got a Dead Air Mask. It’s quieter on a pistol than a Sparrow and has much less first-round pop. It’s just as quiet as an Element 2 but unlike the Element it’s also rated for 5.7 and it’s easier to take apart when dirty.

I worked at a high-volume SOT when I bought it, so I had a large amount of silencers to sample and choose from, whether it was one we sold or one of many our customers owned and shot on our range. In my opinion the only reason not to get the Mask is if you want a modular .22 silencer like the SilencerCo Switchback or the AAC Halcyon, or you want a lightweight .22 silencer. But a lightweight one will have baffles that are harder to clean and won’t be rated for magnum .22 calibers like a stainless one will be (the Mask is rated up to 5.7mm).’

Another plus for the Dead Air Mask is that it’s from an established company with excellent customer service should you ever have a problem. Yes, it’s technically a new company, but it was founded by very well-known and well-respected people from the silencer industry.

If you want a second opinion on the Dead Air Mask, ask the TFL and THR moderator Spats McGee; I helped him settle on the Mask a while back when he was looking for a .22 can. He finally took possession of it recently and he seems to be very happy with it also.
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