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Kraigwy: This is my pet peeve, seldom if ever does one have two hands free in such situations. Seldom do people practice with one hand.

I'm a firm believer a huge majority of SD practice should be with one hand. 50-40-10 meaning I believe 50% of your practice should be with your weak hand, 40% with your strong hand and 10% with both hands.
I agree with you. I practice shooting with one hand, but probably do less than 20 % practice with my weak hand (right hand). One of my weapons
I don't normally carry, I might have to shoot with both hands. (S&W 625-5 Long Colt 45) Shooting one handed or pratice drawing I have to pull my shirt up with my weak hand, draw with my left. I can draw unassisted from
my backup gun in a pocket holster, but my primary weappon I need both
hands to draw it. How do you handle that situation if drawing from Concealed Carry?
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